Places to Stay

"The Gkoura" Guest House

This traditional hostel is located in one of Europe's most picturesque villages, Syrrako. It used to be a small emporium, hosting 5 different shops in the same space (two coffee shops, a cobbler, a barber, and a tailor). The building's architecture, with its five doors, has remained unchanged to the present day. It is located in the village's central square and is a traditional stone-built two-story shelter which offers four rooms to let year-round. The first floor houses the "Gkoura" tavern, where visitors can try the local traditional cuisine.

Phone Number: 2651053303, 698861711,6980128142,6996992500

"Stavraetos" Guest House

The "Stavraetos" traditional hostel is located in the village center, next to the "gkoura" fountain, directly above the central square with its age-old plane trees. It is a two-story, stone-built manor which was renovated and turned into a hotel by the Vaitses family. The building itself has been designated by the GNTO as an A' class traditional dwelling and has been in business since September 2011. The owners, the close family environment, and the elegant warmth of the space offer visitors a sense of staying not at a hotel but rather at an open and friendly home, a fact which will truly serve to make any stay in Syrrako memorable.

"To Syrrako" Guest House

This stone-built structure is located in the mountain village of Syrrako, in the Tzoumerka Mts. It offers rooms with panoramic views of the village, and contains a restaurant. Its common rooms offer free Wi-Fi. Private rooms at "To Syrrako" feature decorations in accordance with traditional architecture, with furniture made of dark-colored wood and wool rugs, though modern amenities such as televisions and refrigerators are also available. Furthermore, each room also includes a private bathroom and shower. The hostel's restaurant offers home-made pies, local cheeses and traditional tsipouro. At the bar, visitors can find coffee and other warm beverages, which can be enjoyed in the lounge next to the fireplace. Free parking available.

Phone Number: 26510 53410,Κινητό:6947155730,6973215156 Fax:26510 66812,,,

"Casa Calda" Guest House

The Casa Calda (meaning "warm house" in the Vlach language) is an imposing structure, a manor built in an idyllic location in 1864 by the ancestors of the Betsios family. Impressive arches on the facade impart a sense of dimension and grace to the fortified stonework construction of this three-story building. Its location and architecture are elements which have withstood the test of time, and its warm hospitality is open to travellers, ready to offer them a truly picturesque oasis of complete calmness and fairy-tale atmosphere. The building contains 5 two-bed, three-bed and four-bed as well as single-occupant rooms on the first and second floors, while its old cellar has been converted into a common room.

Furnished Houses "Casa La Noi"

The "Casa Noi"complex consists of three furnished houses located on the village's outer road(at the end of the road, directly below the village's central square.)In each of the houses, floors can be separated in order to become studio apartments, while an internal wooden staircase provides access to each floor. Each Room-apartment in the complex is named after an herb of the local flora. The courtyard of the"Casa La Noi"offers a majestic view of the Chrousias River gorge, a truly breathtaking sight. Business operator: Maria Tefa.

Phone Number: 6978250916, 2651053006, 2682061497