Feasts and weddings were two of the most prominent aspects of traditional community life.

Feasts, which contribute to the continuity of the region's musical and dancing traditions, traditionally took place in the village square, the "chorostasi"as it is known in Syrrako.

Today, four traditional feasts take place yearly:

A daytime feast in honor of the Prophet Elias (Ai-Lios) on July 20th, in the courtyard of the church, is organized by the Church Council. Abundant traditional dishes are served, there is plenty of dancing and of course traditional folk music.

An evening feast, honoring the Transfiguration of the Savior (Tou Sotiros) is held on August 6th, in the village's central square.

The feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos (Tis Panagias) is held on August 15th, lasts two days and is particularly important as it provides an opportunity for current residents and expats of Syrrako to come together. The festivities always begin with various displays of traditional dances and songs from the many cultural associations of Syrrakiotes from throughout Greece, followed by a traditional feast, with younger and older generations all participating, until the early morning hours underneath the star-studded sky and the age-old plane trees.

Finally, the feast of St. Nikolaos is held on August 6th in honor of the patron saint of the village. The village's businesses all take part in the festivities.