Tavern "The Gkoura"

This tavern, where visitors can partake of the lovingly crafted local traditional dishes, is located in the same building as the guest house of the same name. Don't forget to ask Mr. Kostas for his famous pork kebab and Mrs. Aleka for pancakes in the morning. The flavors will surprise you and satisfy your taste buds!

Cafe-Tavern "Sarika"

This cafe-tavern-sweetshop in the village center is a prime destination for anyone wishing to taste wholesome cooking, traditional pies, grilled meats, tsipouro and home-made snacks. Visitors can also enjoy their coffee or beverage while relaxing next to the fireplace, gazing upon the peaks of the Tzoumerka Mts. The village's grocery, where visitors can buy carved wooden mementos, is located nearby. Don't forget to partake of the wide variety of locally produced spoon sweets and marmalades, home-made liqueurs and tsipouro, tarhana and egg noodles and local-grown herbs.

Restaurant "Stavraetos"

The oldest restaurant in Syrrako, "Stavraetos" has been in business since 1975, housed in a traditional environment, complete with elaborately carved wooden ceilings, a carved stone fireplace, and photos and items from old Syrrako. Cheese pies, spinach pies, zucchini pies, meat pies and macaroni pies are just a few of the famous traditional dishes served at "Stavraetos". Dutch-oven roasted lamb, boiled goat, pork with celery and greens, grilled sheep and other dishes await the hungry traveller, ready to be washed down with a sip of traditional tsipouro and choice red wine. The trademark of the "Stavraetos" tavern is its extensive selection of spoon sweets, all locally produced.

Traditional Tavern "To Syrrako"

This family-owned tavern has been operating since 1991. A varied menu of lovingly crafted traditional recipes, such as lamb kebabs, kokoretsi, dutch-oven roasted lamb, boiled goat, various pies, old-style spoon sweets and syrup desserts, awaits the hungry visitor. The tavern is located in the village's central square.

Phone Number: 26510 53569, 26510 68907, 6974731928, 6947835952